a word in edgewise...
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...And in October

....And in October
Boring as this may be
The leaves crunch like candy wrappers
We got at parades
Where we sat on the sidelines
Picking candy out of the leaves
And throwing the leaves
At someone's pretty red car
And dancing to horrible marching bands
With horrible drummers
And having holes in our stomaches
And wanting to stare too much
And learning to hate people
I keep wanting to love you but...

THIS PAGE IS HERE as a break in the silence, or maybe the clatter, to get "a word in edgewise"--- between what is "right" compared to the majority religion (the one that's stamped on all our American coins)--- what is "sacred"--- what is "offensive"--- what is "wrong"--- to express, and communicate a couple of new definitions--- to be whatever we are--- (to forget the rules of grammar and sometimes not capatalize "i")-- to learn to communicate rather than just look "good"--- much of what this page will contain is our poetry and writing--- it will define itself as it goes--- i don't know what it is--- to make the world less lonely, cold and fake??? whatever--- read on---

Here's some poems... there will be more later as i get time to type them in here. there are more of us than this.

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